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For Kids

Fun Exercise

Why should we just rehabilitate oral disfunctions when we can prevent them instead? To support and stimulate the correct evolution of the stomatognatic system in the most important years of growth, ACTISMILE is also available in a pediatric version. The usage of the kids range is suggested from the 12th month of age with the BABYSMILE versione, under the guidance of a trusted odontologist.

A dedicated app

To promote adherence to therapy in young patients, Triadent has also formed a partnership with SuperPoteri!® to ease the daily moments of exercise and oral hygene as well as the check-up at the clinic making them a chance for playing!
Thanks to the analogy between medicine and magic, kids will discover throughout the therapy that the dentist and the staff od the clinic use magical potions to transform themselves in fantastic characters and that, if they follow the advices of the dentist they will be able to gain…super powers!