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ACTISMILE is available in four silicone compounds, each characterised by different degrees of hardness.

The softest option is the Transparent silicone which has a 25 Shore hardness. From here, the hardness varies by 5 Shore for each colour: Blue (30), Yellow (35), Green (40).

Each colour is produced in two different shapes; Rounded and Squared. They are also available in three different sizes; Small, Medium and Large.

Hyperdivergent activators can be configured for 25 and 35 shore hardness, respectively transparent and white.

The hardness of the natural rubber’s version, varies between 30 and 40 Shore, depending on the batches of the rubber. This type is only available in the Rounded shape.

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Adult, Children


Hyperdivergent (ID), Round, Square


Natural Rubber, Silicone


Natural, Green ( 40 Shore), Yellow (35 Shore), Blue (30 Shore), Transparent (25 Shore)


Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small