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ACTISMILE is a brace that can accomodate and separate both the upper and lower dental arches, isolating them completely from the actions of the tongue and the mouth. The tongue is naturally accompained to her physiological place, near the palatal spot.
When using ACTISMILE following the directions of a trusted dentist, the mouth immediately regains a physiological functioning. Thanks to the silicone properties the informations that originate from the periodontal receptors and reach the central nervous system through the trigeminal nerve are the same for each tooth. When using ACTISMILE, the wrong afferent nerve impulses originated from eventual occlusal pre-contacts and usually compensated through altered masticatory muscles are undone.
The constant effort of the patient and the correct use of ACTISMALE ensure a progressive restore of the physiological function of the stomatognatic system, helping to obtain a more harmonious smile.