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One day Tiziano, a chemist who has been working for years in the silicone industry, comes home from his usual dental check-up with a silicone activator. He shows up to the next appointment with an idea: to create one using a better silicone compound. His dentist agrees with him and creates a more comfortable and efficient line of activators. Once obtained Dr. Michel Montaud’s approval, everything is ready. ACTISMILE is born.



ACTISMILE It’s a device capable of containing and separating the dental arches and completely isolate them from the action of the tongue and the lips. Thus, the tongue is accompanied to its physiological position, on the palate. When using Actismile, the mouth immediately returns to its physiological mode of operation. Also, the silicone’s properties allow the informations that reach the nervous system from the periodontal receptors through the trigeminal nerve, to be identical for each tooth, avoiding wrong afferences generated by guiding contacts and compensated by alterations of the masticatory muscles. ACTISMILE’s constant use guarantees a gradual restoration of the stomatognathic system’s physiological function, helping gaining a more harmonious smile.