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It’s Triadent’s new multifunctional activator. We use our innovative silicone compounds to create products capable of providing a better proprioceptive input to the periodontal receptors. You need to see it to believe it!


ACTISMILE activators are the only products approved by dr. Michel Montaud, the co-founder of the holistic discipline named Dentosophie, and expert in holistic functional orthodontics.


There are two types of ACTISMILE; those made with natural rubber, and those made with silicone. Natural rubber is the component used to create the first activators. It has played the starring role in the industry for a long time thanks to rubber’s elastic properties. Today, with new silicone compounds it is possible to adjust the hardness and the elasticity of the Activator throughout the phases of the therapy.


Thanks to the 27 models available, ACTISMILE is suitable for every kind of mouth. Each mould is regularly adjusted by our experts to ensure that the ACTISMILE activator is as efficient and comfortable as possible. It’s the best product available, and it’s in constant improvement!